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Hand Tied Hair Extensions


Are the hottest, fastest, perfect way to add  fullness, volume, and least damaging method on the extension market today.

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Please all new guests should refer to " New Guest Page " for first appointments.


Pricing is starting prices and can vary person to person, depending on thickness, time, and product usage.


All prices are subject to change.  

Hair Design

Short Haircut / Wet Cut $35

(Includes a relaxing shampoo)

Dry cut $27

(Does not include a wash or style.

Please come with clean, dry, straight hair) "returning clients only" 

Haircut $ Styling $45

(Includes a relaxing shampoo & blow dry to finish "hot tools")


Shampoo and Style $40

(Includes a relaxing shampoo & blow dry to finish "hot tools")

Glamorous Curls $15

Hot tools "curls or straight" 

(Does not include a wash, please come with clean dry hair) 

Simple Style $35

Curls with simple braids 

(Does not include a wash, please come with clean dry hair) 


Formal Style $55

Updos for formal events such as weddings, proms, or other special occasions.

(Does not include a wash, please come with clean dry hair) "Requires consultation"


Haircut & Styling 


Take Home mask $10

Entry level $15

Scalp Cleansing $20

Olaplex $30

*Add on service prices 

Hair Color 

Toner / Gloss Only $55

(Maintenance/Refresh Color)

Single Color/Roots Touchup $62

(One solid color applied at new growth area only) "up to 2 oz of color" 

All Over Single Color $75

(One color applied roots to ends)

"up to 4 oz of color" 

Add Ons 

Toner/Gloss/Glaze $30

"up to 4 oz"

Root shadow/Root smudge $20


Extra Color/Lighter/Second color (in foils) $10 "per 1 oz"


Olaplex $30

Classic Foils 

Traditional highlights or lowlights are spaced further and uniform apart to create a dimension of light or dark.

Mini Highlights $50

(Focused around the face and your part)

"up to 20 foils"

Partial Highlights $75

(Customized partially foiling highlights)

"up to 35 foils"

Full Highlights $95

(Customized though out the whole head)

"more than 35 foils"

Balayage $150

Balayage is a freepainting method of creating 

natural, sun-kissed lightness placed strategically to enhance your best features. For extreme brightness, multiple appointments will be necessary. Includes 4 oz of lightener and 4 oz of toner.

Foilayage $165

For maximum brightness that still has dimension, foilayage is a hybrid of traditional foiling and balayage. It creates a beautiful lived-in look and seamless gradient of colors. Results will vary depending on starting canvas. Includes 4 oz of lightener and 4 oz of toner.


Babylights $115

This technique is used to create more dramatic and seamless brightness. It requires utilizing  micro-fine weaves to achieve maximum impact, therefore is a lengthier service than traditional foils. Includes 4 oz of lightener and 4 oz of toner.


Ombre / Color Melt 

This technique is great for those who want the benefit of brightness without the maintenance. Results vary depending on starting canvas, but the perfect transition between colors is always the goal. Includes 4 oz of lightener and 4 oz toner.

Color Correction $65Hr

Color corrections take time, patience, and a stylist with extensive knowledge and training. It also tends to require much more product than any other service. A free consultation is required to book this service.

Brazilian Blowout 

Shoulder Length $205

10 in below the shoulder $225

Add Ons

(Any Chemical, Extension Services) 

Short/Wet cut $25


Styling $28


Haircut & Styling $35

Hot tools $5

(After blow-dry)

Extra Color/Toner $10 per oz.


Base; Color Between Panels   $30

Shadow Root/Root Smudge $20

Balayage Ends $30 3oz.

Extra Lightner $20 3oz.

Olaplex $30

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