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What is hand tied hair?
Contrary to popular belief, “hand tied” is NOT a method. “Hand tied” actually refers to the way the weft itself is constructed. Instead of being fed through a machine, hand tied wefts are constructed by hand tying hairs onto a long string which results in a much thinner, flatter, and more flexible top of the extension.

Do they hurt?
No! Most clients say they feel nothing from day one until the time they come back in for maintenance!

I have very thin hair- will this work for me?
Yes! This method was created for all textures and densities. As long as you have enough hair on top to cover the wefts, this will work for you.

My hair is very thick and/or blunt cut- will these blend?
With enough wefts, we can successfully blend thick/blunt hair! We generally need 3 rows to achieve a realistic blend on thick/blunt hair. Your ends may need to be texturized to create a more “feathered” effect for optimal blending.

How are the extensions attached?
A foundation is created in your hair using small silicone lined beads. The extensions are then sewn above and below the foundation to completely conceal the beads! Volume sets will require one “row” while length sets will require 2-3 rows.


Will they blend with my hair?
Yes! I will create a custom color blend that matches your hair then we will cut layers & face framing to blend in seamlessly with your natural hair!


Can I wear my hair up?
Yes! This method is perfect for anyone who wears their hair up often. You can comfortably and discreetly wear a high pony/bun, half up styles, braids, pigtails, etc.


Will these damage my hair?
When maintained properly at home, these extensions will not cause damage to your natural hair! This method was designed to have minimal points of contact, no tension, no overdirection, and we use very lightweight hair which causes no damage due to heavy wefts.


Why should I choose IBE, aren’t all hand tied extensions the same?
No! IBE was created to solve the common problems seen in many other hand tied extension methods. Lack of flexibility, limited styling options, and damage from tension & overdirection are just a few of the problems IBE solves. IBE has a unique foundation and stitching pattern that allows for maximum comfort, flexibly, and most importantly health of the hair & scalp.

Can you style your hair normally? 



Yes! Ponytails, braids, along with so many other versatile styles.


Can I workout with my Extensions?


Yes! Gym hair is best in a braid or pony.


Can I swim with Extensions?


Yes! You can swim with your extensions. Recommended doing so with a tight braid and more 

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