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New Guest Inquiry Form 
I'm excited to see you're interested in becoming a part of the my hair tribe! I've created this initial color consultation as a quick way to analyze your current hair and goal hair and to aid in your decision of service option and time.     
How did you hear about me
Your last hair color was done:
In the past 3 years have you had any of the following?
Were your previous colors done profesionally or with a box color?
How would you descrive your hair length and thickness:
How would you describe your hair? (You may select all that apply)
Do you have natural highlights? aka gray hair?
Which is most important to you?
Please select all you are wanting to get done
How much time can you commit to hair color sessions?
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My current hours are Monday to Thursday 

What days work the best for you?
Roughly what time fits your schedule the best?

You will hear from me within 24 hours. Please check your spam holders. Thank you!

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